My Story

Hi,  it's me Christine here, welcome to my page for you to know a bit of the person I am  & the Artist  of my handmade porcelain/ceramic LadybrookBeads that I sell here for your jewelry designs along with my own Designs in Jewelry & Whimsy!
  I live in beautiful upstate NY Hudson Valley in the Gunks region with  my husband Bob and fun loving Beagle Daisy!

    Always been creative, from  music (flute, guitar, conga drum)   enjoyed a career in nursing for many  years, found beading (Native American style & techniques) &  became so hooked on it!  Must have been a reason... then in 1989 I started having Seizures out of the blue! full blown ones....long story short, on all kinds of meds, could not drive for over a year lived on a the beading was my savior!

 I explored and pursued this beading for quite  some time, then went on to semi-precious stones studied their energies,  and created jewelry with them and sterling silver.  The clay came along  when I got frustrated with just making jewelry with stones, silver &  beads.... I wanted more of my own creativity to expand... then CLAY and  the amazing endless pieces to create, glaze and turn them into fabulous  jewelry components, focal pendants, beads and charms!  I have been a  jewelry designer since the 1980's with seed beading... it is a  wonderful journey and learning continues! then I discovered CLAY!! and I  was so excited to create pendants, beads, charms with my own hands and  use artifacts I have been collecting forever and it is truly endless!
 My handmade LadybrookBeads are all created one at a time, with  attention to detail, quality and knowing my pendants are each one of a  kind, colors will be different but each one is unique.  It's so  wonderful to finally be out of the basement and into a long dreamed of  studio! After many years of Fine Art & Craft Shows, it is so great  to be in my light filled studio doing what makes me so happy..... making  BEADS!!  I have music playing as I go about my day along with my fairy  fountain trickling water over collected stones, shells, glass & some  kiln mishaps ( the fairies enjoy them!) I am enjoying working with Copper, I am recycling copper pipes, cutting them, enameling, torch & kiln firing & etching & stamping more of them will be available too.

It's much to read, but I just want you to know a bit about me so when you purchase or see my work, there is a real person behind it that loved making that piece.  Thanks 💕


 Christine Smith Owner/designer/Artisan Ladybrook Studio, Ladybrook Designs Jewelry & Beads

Christine Smith Owner/designer/Artisan Ladybrook Studio, Ladybrook Designs Jewelry & Beads